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TERMS AND CONDITIONS.  UPDATED 14/03/2021.    Corona Virus guarantee. Please scroll to the bottom of page.

Authority to this contract

You certify that you are over the age of 25 years and will be a member of the party occupying the  holiday accommodation; and are authorized to agree these booking conditions on behalf of all members of the party bind all of you by them and so each of you will be jointly and severally liable for your obligation under this contract. Under certain circumstances regarding age. We can and do make exceptions.

We are only allowed two persons or less when booking an all male group or all female group into any 1 caravan. We can only book small numbers of family group bookings. Please ask.

Payment  A deposit of fifty pounds per caravan per week is to be paid within 7 days of the booking. On receiving your deposit we will send you a letter to confirm payment and booking dates, this letter will also state the date for the final payment Your final payment is 9 weeks prior to commencement of your holiday booking, if final payment is not received by the due date, the caravan you have booked is liable to be cancelled and the deposit will be applied for administration costs and re-advertising the holiday. ITS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO INFORM ME WHEN YOU HAVE MADE A DIRECT PAYMENT INTO MY ACCOUNT.          Please note if your cheque has been cancelled by my bank due to no funds. We have the right to cancel your booking.   

Deposit & booking formThe deposit for the sum of £50.00 per caravan for 1 day or 1 week booked and £100.00 for 2 weeks or more booked for each caravan. We collect initially to secure the booking for your holiday. It is your responsibility to make sure that we have your deposit and booking form within 7 working days from first correspondence from you by phone or email. Deposit is returned within 7 working days after your holiday.providing the caravan should be left clean as found with no damage or breakage. The caravan will be checked by myself or Steve looking for damage or any additional cleaning, soiled quilts or damaged bed linen. Mr & Mrs French have the right to deduct from your deposit any amount should any of the terms and conditions herein contained be breached by you or your party staying with you in the caravan.                                                                                                                                

Should the amount of the retainer/deposit not be sufficient compensation collected in the event of the breach of these terms and conditions. Mr & Mrs French reserve the right to seek additional compensation from you to cover the cost of damage, loss or additional cleaning or laundry.    


Club Membership Form & Payment

We will provide the form.

The price of the caravan does not include club membership.  They are a separate entity to us private owners

The club membership can now be paid on arrival to the park at reception, by cash or card. 

The  cost for club membership is £40.00 PAID ON ARRIVAL. 6 persons including baby`s. ARE ALLOWED IN OUR CARAVANS UNLESS CARAVAN WRITE UP STATES MORE THEN 6 SEE CARAVAN PICTURES FOR DETAILS.   Short breaks up to 3 nights cost £15.00 per night, a weekly rate will apply if 3 nights or more. You can confirm by phoning Bashley reception direct on 01425612340.  

Booking Form

Please print of the booking form on this website and fill in details and then send it  to me with the £50.00 deposit. The booking form is part of our terms and conditions and we need this form, if you have problems with collecting this form from our website we can send you one by post, you will need to send the deposit first and we then send form with letter of receipt.

We will send you a booking form once you have paid the deposit only if you do not have this facility to print one off. Just send the cheque with your name and address and 2 phone numbers one a mobile please to my address. Confirm your booking dates and caravan number as reference.

If you wish to pay by online banking, our bank details will be forwarded to you by text, the booking form can then be emailed to us.

Cancellation by you

If you wish to cancel your booking you should advice us immediately by phone and supported and confirmation by a letter from you in writing.  Therefore if the full payment has been collected. No monies will be refunded unless we can re-book your accommodation this will depend on the amount of notice given by you to us for us to advertise your dates cancelled. 

We strongly recommend holiday insurance for the unlikely event in case your holiday has to be cancelled through no fault of your own.  

 Unforeseen Circumstances if we cancel your holiday

Should accommodation booked become unavailable due to circumstances by being double booked or caravan has a breakdown with internal facilities. We will offer & provide alternative accommodation suitable and subject to availability whenever possible.

Should accommodation booked become unavailable due to circumstances beyond our control, we will provide alternative accommodation suitable and subject to availability whenever possible. You can move your holiday booked to a different date. You can pick and choose any date suitable for your next visit. But if price is higher, you will need to pay the difference.  If the Accommodation or date is not suitable, we will provide a full cash refund including your deposit.

Unforeseen Circumstances if a different body other than us cancels your holiday.

Should your holiday be cancelled by a third party example: Park management: Council: Inclement weather: Fire:          

Different terms will apply. 

Should your accommodation be cancelled beyond our control by a third party and you don’t have holiday insurance to cover this holiday, we will personally cover your holiday and move your holiday to a different date in same year or the following year. Providing you have paid full or part payment. If we are holding a deposit only, you can move to a different date in the same year at no extra cost. but if you wish to take your deposit into a different year a commitment deposit will be required of £50.00 to move your booking to a different year. You can pick and choose a date suitable to you. If the alternative date the accommodation price is higher. You will have to pay the price difference. If you have already paid the full or part payment, the extra amount owed can be paid by cash on arrival so you feel confident that no further payment will be taken until you arrive on the park for your holiday.  If your holiday insurance has access payment when you re-book with us we will take that amount you paid off your next holiday. We will need proof. 

Bed linen. Linen hire & Quilts. 

We have a linen hire service and you would need to bring nothing if you hired this service. Our quilts are white clean and stain free.

We expect you to bring your own bed linen to cover the quilts, pillows and bottom sheet for the mattress.  Bring the amount of linen for each bed being used. We recommend you hire the bed linen.

You are welcome to use our quilts which will be stain free and white in colour. But we will not be washing quilts on every visit unless stained. We will give quilts a light anti-bacterial mist spray and then much later in the afternoon you will cover with your bed linen. harmless to us, but kills all germs. 

Price for linen hire is on your booking form. Pillows & mattress protectors will be there in the caravan, changed for every visit for full hygiene safety.  The price for 1 double is £12.00 and each single cost £10.00. payment has to be paid in advance for this service. Please also be aware that if you hire linen and don`t pay in advance, we can still supply for when you arrive, take cash as payment, but you will then have to make the beds up yourself.    WE DO NOT HIRE TOWELS OR TEA TOWELS. 

Arrival and Departures

The caravan will be available for you to take up occupation from 14:30 on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 10am on the day of your departure.


Accommodation allows 6 persons plus a baby in a travel cot in our 3 bedroom caravans, Please check which caravans will except a travel cot.  On leaving the accommodation we ask you to leave clean as found with no damage or breakage.You will be responsible for all damage done or loss sustained during your stay. We or our authorized representatives may enter your accommodation at any time for any reasonable purpose. if we need to do so we will give you as much notice as possible. Except in an emergency.

Noise nuisance/ unclean behavior

You must comply with decent standards of behavior during your stay and must show consideration for all other persons on the park. If your behavior is unsatisfactory, then we may elect to terminate this agreement and require you to leave the park immediately. In theses circumstances we will treat your booking as having cancelled by you from the moment of termination and no refund will be due to you. 

Inclement weather

You will not be entitled to any refund as a result of inclement weather conditions if you are staying in our caravan and wish to go home earlier than your days booked. Our caravans are suitable for very cold weather and are strapped down by Hoburne Bashley for high winds.  They are all Double glazed with central heating and will keep you warm and safe if we have unusually cold weather or high winds whilst staying in our caravans. If you wish to leave because of the weather, No refund will be given. If we have a server weather warning before your arrival date and you wish to change your holiday dates, we will have no problem doing this exchange for you. If the cost of your holiday is higher because of the exchange you will need to pay the price difference. 

Owners rights

We reserve the right to refuse or cancel any booking without explanation.

Dog allowed We have 2 dog friendly caravans available for hire. We are allowed to have up to 2 dogs in each caravan. We don`t recommend  dogs to be left unattended in our caravans unless they have a cage. They are your responsibility.

1] We would prefer that your dog or dogs don't seat or sleep on the seating areas. We are aware that the seats are low and easy for the dogs to jump up on, we now provide a clean cover for your dogs use only. please use this cover for the seating area or floor and hopefully this will keep your dog or dogs off our the cushions. Thank you.

2] We also would like you to keep your dog off the beds and bedding and quilts. if any are found dirty or damaged full of dog hairs.  You will be charged for a replacement.

3] If you or your dog has an accident on the carpet. Please do not leave that stain for us. If you do not remove that stain with soapy warm water and disinfectant it becomes harder for us to remove. We would expect this stain to be dogs urine. We will take pictures of the stain  with a camera is linked to google for place date and time taken.  We will clean the carpet before the next family arrives. You will be charged the cleaning cost. We have to make sure that the next family who arrives are in a safe clean environment for themselves and their dog.  If you see a stain which we have missed you will need to report  this stain on the day of arrival and not anytime later. We pride yourself that our carpets are stain free. So please check that the carpets are left clean after your departure.




If you have paid for your holiday in full OR Part payment and the government close the Park because of Covid 19. We will provide a refund. Less the deposit for admin. Please note the club house is a separate entity to our caravan hire business and Hoburne Bashley charge for their facilities.

You will be offered (a) A full refund less the deposit/retainer (b) an alternative date later in the same year. 

 Please be aware if the cost of the new holiday is higher you will have to pay the remaining amount cash on arrival. 

If you wish to move your deposit to year 2022. An extra commitment deposit £50.00 will apply for this new booking.

Should any member of your family/party become unwell just prior to your holiday with Covid 19 please advise us immediately. You will receive a full refund of the cost of the holiday (excluding the retainer deposit which will be applied to admin charges) upon production of a valid and dated NHS Covid 19 test certificate confirming that a member of your family/party named on the booking form have tested positive for Corona virus.

Should any member of your family/party become unwell with Covid 19 symptoms whist on holiday you should inform us by phone immediately. Please follow the instructions left in caravan. We are required by law to inform Hoburne Bashley Management and NHS England and to provide them with your contact details. 

We would expect all members of the family/party to make arrangement to safely return to their home & take a Covid 19 test. Upon production of a valid & dated NHS Covid 19 test certificate confirming that the member of your family/party have tested positive for the virus, you will receive pro-rata refund for the days of your holiday remaining (less the retainer deposit, applied to admin cost} 

Person’s name must be on our booking form for us to provide a refund. It is in your interest to make sure we have received the booking form.