ST129. 3 BEDROOMS. NO PETS. ST129. 3 BEDROOMS. NO PETS. ST129 New shape, apex roof high ceilings. 50017951 St129 HUGE SEATING AREA WHICH WE COVER FOR HYGIENE. 118454498 ST129 DIFFERENT VIEW OF SEATING AREA. 118454499 ST129 TV AREA. AND FIRE PLACE. 178441141 ST129 DIFFERENT VIEW FRONT ROOM 178441147 ST129 DINING AREA AND HEATER ON WALL. 178441143 ST129 View of cooker and microwave. 114116909 ST129 KITCHEN 178441145 ST129 FULL VIEW KITCHEN 178441146 ST129 Double bedroom. 118454496 ST129 Twin bedroom. 118454497 ST129 SHOWER ROOM 178441148 ST129 TOILET 178441140